Taking our name from the ancient Japanese root word for martial arts disciplines, BUDOtek is a multi-discipline IT consultancy with decades of experience in areas across the IT spectrum (and by the way, don't let the buzzwords scare you; we specialize in just making things work, and doing so affordably)


Anything from simple (not so simple these days) websites to full custom software systems, databases, project management, systems administration, agile coaching and scrum mastering, proper maintenance and risk management of your IT assets, staff augmentation, and much more.


We combine our expertise and passion for excellence with your passion, vision and goals, be they business ones, artistic, altruistic or any of the above; we’re a lot more customer focused than the average band of geeks.


Because we think everybody deserves high quality systems, no matter how humble the system or the budget; see how we think on Twitter and Tumblr.


We have experience not just in pure Software Development (including Startups), but also in industries including Health Care, Finance, Engineering, Transportation, Retail, Legal, Hospitality, Restaurants, the Arts, and many others. We understand the junction of business and tech very well, no matter the size of the business.


IT consulting without the Con or the Insult.
BUDOtek is a full service IT consultancy that just gets things done.

Everything from websites done right to full custom systems in multiple programming languages and platforms.

· Website design and implementation, fully responsive for mobile, including hosting, security, and many others; e-commerce, payment processors, and more; as simple or as complicated as you need
· Custom software design and coding, in many computer languages and platforms (C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Groovy, shell, and others)
· Databases/data stores of any type and size; specialists in relational/SQL, full text search (think: like Google and Lexis/Nexis), and new "NoSQL" style stores
· Systems administration and infrastructure (Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac, and platforms far stranger than those)
· Project management, and can assist in non-software/tech project management as well (agile and waterfall, continuous integration, tools like JIRA, and much more)
· Networking, right down to the bare metal where necessary, both with software and hardware

Strange/old platforms? We'd bet that we've worked on them before, and can work on yours effectively no matter what (feel free to contact us with your horror story, and we can tell you our war stories).

We've got tools, open source/free frameworks and code, can recommend/identify/procure/integrate with commercial products as needed, and produce commercial quality documentation, as well as provide server hosting or set you up in the cloud.


    Not just focused on one programming language or platform, we focus on your needs.

  • Experienced

    We've worked on systems in numerous industries, from literal garage startups to the Fortune 500.


    We put our skills to work in the service of your vision, your business, your passion; we're not just looking to please ourselves.


    We can scale a job to virtually any budget.


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